Commit a7f54588 authored by louiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13's avatar louiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13
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update version

parent b512ae58
......@@ -316,7 +316,7 @@ class MultiUserChat(object):
qp = iq_obj.getTag('query')
if config.get('send_poezio_info', 'true') == 'true':
qp.setTagData('name', 'Poezio')
qp.setTagData('version', '0.6.2')
qp.setTagData('version', '0.7 dev')
qp.setTagData('name', 'Unknown')
qp.setTagData('version', 'Unknown')
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