Commit a0d8e1ce authored by Madhur Garg's avatar Madhur Garg

Corrected description of /mam command

parent 772cec28
......@@ -503,8 +503,8 @@ class ChatTab(Tab):
usage="[start_timestamp] [end_timestamp]",
shortdesc='Query and control an archive of messages using MAM.')
usage="[start_timestamp [end_timestamp]]",
shortdesc='Query an archive of messages using MAM.')
self.commands['sb'] = self.commands['scrollback']
......@@ -927,9 +927,8 @@ class ChatTab(Tab):
@command_args_parser.quoted(0, 2)
def command_mam(self, args):
/mam [start-timestamp] (current timestamp is taken as end-timestamp)
/mam [start-timestamp] [end-timestamp]
Query an archive of messages using MAM.
/mam [start_timestamp [end_timestamp]]
remote_jid = self.jid
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