Verified Commit a0c5f958 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Add a notification in the OTR plugin if the session isn't established

With a timeout option that lets the user choose the timeout
and if they want this notification.
parent 8e29f6d1
......@@ -143,6 +143,13 @@ Configuration
Allow OTRv1
**Default:** ``3``
The number of seconds poezio will wait until notifying you
that the OTR session was not established. A negative or null
value will disable this notification.
**Default:** false
......@@ -599,8 +606,27 @@ class Plugin(BasePlugin):
elif arg == 'start' or arg == 'refresh':
otr = self.get_context(name)
secs = self.config.get('timeout', 3)
def notify_otr_timeout():
if otr.state != STATE_ENCRYPTED:
text = _('%(jid_c)s%(jid)s%(info)s did not enable'
' OTR after %(sec)s seconds.') % {
'info': color_info,
'jid_c': color_jid,
'sec': secs}
tab.add_message(text, typ=0)
if secs > 0:
event = self.api.create_delayed_event(secs, notify_otr_timeout)
self.core.xmpp.send_message(mto=name, mtype='chat',
mbody=self.contexts[name].sendMessage(0, b'?OTRv?').decode())
text = _('%(info)sOTR request to %(jid_c)s%(jid)s%(info)s sent') % {
'info': color_info,
'jid_c': color_jid}
tab.add_message(text, typ=0)
elif arg == 'ourfpr':
fpr = self.account.getPrivkey()
self.api.information('Your OTR key fingerprint is %s' % fpr, 'OTR')
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