Commit 9da530f8 authored by Célestin Matte's avatar Célestin Matte

Make it possible to change the nick of a user not in the room, and change color of its aliases

parent 0ae1ee2f
......@@ -473,19 +473,27 @@ class MucTab(ChatTab):
nick = args[0]
color = args[1].lower()
user = self.get_user_by_name(nick)
if not user:
return self.core.information(_("Unknown user: %s") % nick)
if not color in xhtml.colors and color != 'unset':
return self.core.information(_("Unknown color: %s") % color, 'Error')
if user.nick == self.own_nick:
if user and user.nick == self.own_nick:
return self.core.information(_("You cannot change the color of your"
" own nick.", 'Error'))
if color == 'unset':
if config.remove_and_save(nick, 'muc_colors'):
self.core.information(_('Color for nick %s unset') % (nick))
if user:
config.set_and_save(nick, color, 'muc_colors')
nick_color_aliases = config.get_by_tabname('nick_color_aliases',
if nick_color_aliases:
# if any user in the room has a nick which is an alias of the
# nick, update its color
for u in self.users:
nick_alias = re.sub('^_*', '', u.nick)
nick_alias = re.sub('_*$', '', nick_alias)
if nick_alias == nick:
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