Commit 9d261c90 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Remove use of deprecated base64.encodestring method

parent e7d8d2aa
......@@ -38,9 +38,9 @@ def get_base64_from_file(path):
size = os.path.getsize(path)
if size > 16384:
return (None, None, "File is too big")
fdes = open(path, 'rb')
data =
encoded = base64.encodestring(data)
with open(path, 'rb') as fdes:
data =
encoded = base64.encodebytes(data)
sha1 = hashlib.sha1(data).hexdigest()
mime_type = mimetypes.guess_type(path)[0]
return (encoded, mime_type, sha1)
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