Commit 925ea453 authored by louiz’'s avatar louiz’
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Do not crash on /names with invalid affiliations

parent d52e8266
......@@ -1122,14 +1122,15 @@ class MucTab(ChatTab):
users = self.users[:]
users.sort(key=lambda x: x.nick.lower())
for user in users:
color = aff.get(user.affiliation, get_theme().CHAR_AFFILIATION_NONE)
if user.role == 'visitor':
visitors.append((user, aff[user.affiliation]))
visitors.append((user, color))
elif user.role == 'participant':
participants.append((user, aff[user.affiliation]))
participants.append((user, color))
elif user.role == 'moderator':
moderators.append((user, aff[user.affiliation]))
moderators.append((user, color))
others.append((user, aff[user.affiliation]))
others.append((user, color))
buff = ['Users: %s \n' % len(self.users)]
for moderator in moderators:
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