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Describe the roster tab

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......@@ -42,6 +42,22 @@ You can go from one tab to another in many ways:
* Alt+e, this will jump to the next tab with the highest priority. Priority
applies in this order: private message > highlight message > normal message.
Roster tab
This is a unique tab, always numbered _0_. It contains the list of your
contacts. You can add/remove/edit/search contacts from there, and you can open
a conversation with one of them.
Use the _arrows_ to browse the list, the _space_ key to fold or unfold a group
or a contact.
image::../images/roster.png["The roster tab", title="The roster tab"]
* _1_: The area where information messages are displayed.
* _2_: The actual list of contacts. The first level is group, the second is the
* contacts and the third is the resources of you online contacts.
* _3_: More informations about the selected contact.
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