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Add a reorder plugin

/reorder command to organize the tabs according to a fixed layout
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Display the time between two messages. Display the time between two messages.
:ref:`Documentation <reorder-plugin>`
Reorder the tabs according to a static layout.
Revstr Revstr
:ref:`Documentation <revstr-plugin>` :ref:`Documentation <revstr-plugin>`
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change_title change_title
pipe_cmd pipe_cmd
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.. _reorder-plugin:
.. automodule:: reorder
...@@ -6,4 +6,6 @@ class ConversationTab(ChatTab): pass ...@@ -6,4 +6,6 @@ class ConversationTab(ChatTab): pass
class RosterInfoTab(Tab): pass class RosterInfoTab(Tab): pass
class XMLTab(Tab): pass class XMLTab(Tab): pass
class DynamicConversationTab(Tab): pass class DynamicConversationTab(Tab): pass
class StaticConversationTab(Tab): pass
class GapTab(Tab): pass
``reorder`` plugin: Reorder the tabs according to a layout
.. glossary::
**Usage:** ``/reorder``
Reorder the tabs according to the configuration.
The configuration file must contain a section ``[reorder]`` and each option
must be formatted like ``[tab number] = [tab type]:[tab name]``.
For example:
.. code-block:: ini
1 = muc:toto@conference.example.com
2 = muc:example@muc.example.im
3 = dynamic:robert@example.org
The ``[tab number]`` must be at least ``1``; if the range is not entirely
covered, e.g.:
.. code-block:: ini
1 = muc:toto@conference.example.com
3 = dynamic:robert@example.org
Poezio will insert gaps between the tabs in order to keep the specified
numbering (so in this case, there will be a tab 1, a tab 3, but no tab 2).
The ``[tab type]`` must be one of:
- ``muc`` (for multi-user chats)
- ``private`` (for chats with a specific user inside a multi-user chat)
- ``dynamic`` (for normal, dynamic conversations tabs)
- ``static`` (for conversations with a specific resource)
And finally, the ``[tab name]`` must be:
- For a type ``muc``, the bare JID of the room
- For a type ``private``, the full JID of the user (room JID with the username as a resource)
- For a type ``dynamic``, the bare JID of the contact
- For a type ``static``, the full JID of the contact
from plugin import BasePlugin
import tabs
from decorators import command_args_parser
mapping = {
'muc': tabs.MucTab,
'private': tabs.PrivateTab,
'dynamic': tabs.DynamicConversationTab,
'static': tabs.StaticConversationTab,
'empty': tabs.GapTab
def parse_config(config):
result = {}
for option in config.options('reorder'):
if not option.isdecimal():
pos = int(option)
if pos in result or pos <= 0:
typ, name = config.get(option, default=':').split(':', maxsplit=1)
if typ not in mapping:
result[pos] = (mapping[typ], name)
return result
class Plugin(BasePlugin):
def init(self):
self.api.add_command('reorder', self.command_reorder,
help='Reorder all tabs.')
def command_reorder(self):
self.core.current_tab_nb = 0
tabs_spec = parse_config(self.config)
if not tabs_spec:
return self.api.information('Invalid reorder config', 'Error')
old_tabs = self.core.tabs[1:]
roster = self.core.tabs[0]
new_tabs = []
last = 0
for pos in sorted(tabs_spec):
if pos > last + 1:
new_tabs += [tabs.GapTab() for i in range(pos - last)]
cls, name = tabs_spec[pos]
tab = self.core.get_tab_by_name(name, typ=cls)
if tab and tab in old_tabs:
self.api.information('Tab %s not found' % name, 'Warning')
last = pos
for tab in old_tabs:
if tab:
self.core.tabs += new_tabs
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