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This file describes the new features in each poezio release.
For more detailed changelog, see the roadmap:
* Poezio 0.6 - dev
- Muc error messages are displayed
- Nickname auto-completion
- Users status are displayed in the MUC user-list
- Non-anonymous connection (registered nickname can now be used)
- An avatar can be set
- A minimal Vcard can be set
- Proxies are handled
- Status changes can be hidden if the user didn't talk for a long time
- A line displays informations about rooms we are in (new messages, hl, etc)
- Highlights are handled (we can specify a list of words)
- Various new commands (topic, kick, set, win)
- Password-protected MUCs are handled
- The dates of room history are handled
- Various Bugfixes
* Poezio 0.5.1 - 2 Feb 2010
- Little bufix release
* Poezio - 1 Feb 2010
- Initial release
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