Commit 77d0a7a4 authored by Link Mauve's avatar Link Mauve
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multiuserchat: Use newer MUC plugin from slixmpp.

parent 9d983abd
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ def join_groupchat(core, jid, nick, passwd='', status=None, show=None, seconds=N
to = stanza["to"]
xmpp.plugin['xep_0045'].rooms[jid] = {}
xmpp.plugin['xep_0045'].ourNicks[jid] = to.resource
xmpp.plugin['xep_0045'].our_nicks[jid] = to.resource
def leave_groupchat(xmpp, jid, own_nick, msg):
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ def leave_groupchat(xmpp, jid, own_nick, msg):
jid = safeJID(jid)
xmpp.plugin['xep_0045'].leaveMUC(jid, own_nick, msg)
xmpp.plugin['xep_0045'].leave_muc(jid, own_nick, msg)
except KeyError:
log.debug("muc.leave_groupchat: could not leave the room %s",
jid, exc_info=True)
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ def set_user_affiliation(xmpp, muc_jid, affiliation, nick=None, jid=None, reason
if callback:
return iq.send(callback=callback)
return xmpp.plugin['xep_0045'].setAffiliation(str(muc_jid), str(jid) if jid else None, nick, affiliation)
return xmpp.plugin['xep_0045'].set_affiliation(str(muc_jid), str(jid) if jid else None, nick, affiliation)
import traceback
log.debug('Error setting the affiliation: %s', traceback.format_exc())
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