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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ The **9** here represents the number of times this message has been corrected.
You can show the revisions of a message by loading the
*display_corrections* plugin, and you
:ref:`displaycorrections-plugin` plugin, and you
can correct your own messages with the :term:`/correct` command.
......@@ -11,4 +11,5 @@ Contents:
Personal Events
Starting from poezio 0.8, poezo now supports `user mood`_, `user activity`_,
Starting from poezio 0.8, poezio now supports `user mood`_, `user activity`_,
`user tune`_, and `user gaming`_.
Those extensions are standardized ways to broadcast informations that might be
TLS Management
TLS in poezio
.. _security settings:
Security of the connection
Enabling or disabling TLS
Starting from version 0.8, poezio is configured to reject unencrypted connections
by default, in accordance to the `TLS manifesto`_. Users can still allow
unencrypted connections by setting the :term:`force_encryption` option to false.
If you cannot connect to your server, maybe it does not allow encrypted connections,
in which case you should reconfigure it if it is yours, or contact your admin
to let him know he should try to protect your privacy and credentials, at least
a little.
.. _ciphers:
......@@ -23,8 +38,8 @@ case, you should notify the administrator that his XMPP server configuration
is probably not great), or if you want to be even more restrictive (only allowing
256 bits of security *and* forward secrecy, for example).
Cert valididty
Certificate validation
Starting from version 0.7.5, poezio offers some options to check the validity
of a X.509 certificate.
......@@ -84,3 +99,4 @@ can set the :term:`ignore_certificate` value to true, and let the
.. _Forward Secrecy:
.. _PEM format:
.. _TLS manifesto:
I cannot connect.
1. Check that you are still connected to the internet.
2. Double-check your credentials.
3. Check the :ref:`security settings <security settings>`, maybe your server does not support encryption, or only with weak parameters.
4. Maybe your DNS are wrong, try setting the :term:`custom_host` option with the server IP.
5. Overzealous firewall?
6. Running poezio with -d file.txt (debug mode) might reveal your issues.
7. Come see us from the `web client`_ to discuss your issues further.
The outline of poezio is not displayed and unicode characters are broken
We believe we (or unrelated people) have reported the bug of python3 compiled against the wrong
ncurses to every_ significant_ distribution_ `out there`_, but if there is still
one with it, please go ahead and report it.
Poezio tracebacks with weird encoding errors
Please check your locale for utf-8 compatibility.
Reconnecting sucks
We know.
Some weird graphical glitches appear once in a blue moon and go away after a refresh
We know.
Python is too heavy
We know. It’s too late to change that. If you are running your XMPP client on a toaster,
please try mcabber_.
Other issues
Some things may appear in ``$XDG_DATA_HOME/poezio/errors.log``.
.. _web client:
.. _mcabber:
.. _every:
.. _significant:
.. _distribution:
.. _out there:
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