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describe private, conversation, data form and list tabs.

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......@@ -90,7 +90,51 @@ You can configure the room (if you have the rights to do it) using the
_/configure_ command, open a private conversation with someone using the
_/query_ command, change or view the topic using the _/topic_ command…
Private tab
This is the tab opened with the _/query_ command, letting you talk in private
with a participant of a multi-users chat.
image::../images/muc.png["The private tab", title="The private tab"]
This is just a simple one to one conversation, with a line showing the status,
name and chatstate of the participant.
Conversation tab
A tab opened from the roster, to talk in private with one of your contacts.
image::../images/conversation.png["The conversation tab", title="The conversation tab"]
This is also just a simple one to one conversation, with a line showing the status,
name and chatstate of the participant, as well as a line at the top showing the
status message of the contact.
Dataforms tab
This tab lets you view a form receive from a remote entity, edit the values and
send everything back. It is mostly used to configure MUCs with the _/configure_
command but can actually be used for almost anything.
image::../images/data_forms.png["The dataform tab", title="The dataform tab"]
Use the _up_ and _down_ keys to go from one field to the other, and edit the
value using the _space_, _left_ or _right_ keys, or by entering text.
You can then send the completed form using _Ctrl+y_ or cancel using _Ctrl+g_.
List tab
This tab lists all public rooms on a MUC service. It is currently very limited
but will be improved in the future. There currently is no way to search a room
or even to sort them.
image::../images/list.png["The list tab", title="The list tab"]
Use the _up_ and _down_ or _PageUp_ and _PageDown_ keys to browse the list, and
use _Enter_ or _j_ to join the selected room.
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