basetabs: reorganise imports

Signed-off-by: Maxime Buquet's avatarMaxime “pep” Buquet <>
parent b2cf7c0c
......@@ -17,27 +17,22 @@ import logging
import string
import asyncio
import time
from math import ceil, log10
from datetime import datetime
from xml.etree import cElementTree as ET
from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, List, Optional, Union
from slixmpp import JID, InvalidJID, Message
from poezio import mam, poopt, timed_events, xhtml, windows
from poezio.core.structs import Command, Completion, Status
from poezio import timed_events
from poezio import windows
from poezio import xhtml
from poezio import poopt
from math import ceil, log10
from import truncate_nick, parse_attrs
from poezio import mam
from poezio.common import safeJID
from poezio.config import config
from poezio.decorators import refresh_wrapper
from poezio.decorators import command_args_parser, refresh_wrapper
from poezio.logger import logger
from poezio.text_buffer import TextBuffer
from poezio.theming import to_curses_attr, get_theme, dump_tuple
from poezio.decorators import command_args_parser
from poezio.theming import get_theme, dump_tuple
from import truncate_nick
from slixmpp import JID, InvalidJID, Message
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
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