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Add documentation, logo and screenshot to DOAP file.

I’m done waiting for upstream for that feature, I’ve now imported these
properties to
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......@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@
<description xml:lang="fr">Client console XMPP libre et moderne, écrit en Python avec la bibliothèque ncurses</description>
<homepage rdf:resource=""/>
<!-- TODO: -->
<!--<doc rdf:resource=""/>-->
<!-- Until is done, this property lives at -->
<xmpp:documentation rdf:resource=""/>
<download-page rdf:resource=""/>
<bug-database rdf:resource=""/>
<!-- See -->
......@@ -25,10 +25,10 @@
<!-- See -->
<!-- TODO: -->
<!--<logo rdf:resource=""/>-->
<!-- TODO: -->
<!--<screenshot rdf:resource=""/>-->
<!-- Until is merged, this property lives at -->
<xmpp:logo rdf:resource=""/>
<!-- Same here, currently lives at -->
<xmpp:screenshot rdf:resource=""/>
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