fix ConversationTab's nicks when a contact has no name

parent 4ace9019
......@@ -496,9 +496,9 @@ class Core(object):
# We create the conversation with the bare Jid if nothing was found
conversation = self.open_conversation_window(jid.bare, False)
if roster.get_contact_by_jid(jid.bare):
remote_nick = roster.get_contact_by_jid(jid.bare).get_name()
remote_nick = roster.get_contact_by_jid(jid.bare).get_name() or jid.user
remote_nick = jid.full
remote_nick = jid.user
conversation.get_room().add_message(body, None, remote_nick, False, theme.COLOR_REMOTE_USER)
if self.current_tab() is not conversation:
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