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Update the tls warning doc

and remove the image
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......@@ -60,20 +60,17 @@ connections.
If you are paranoid (or run poezio for the first time in an unsafe
environment), you can set the :term:`certificate` value of your config file yourself
(the hash, not colon-separated).
(the hash, colon-separated).
If the certificate is not the same, poezio will show an error message and wait
If the certificate is not the same, poezio will open a :ref:`confirmtab` and wait
for confirmation:
.. figure:: ../images/ssl_warning.png
.. figure:: ../images/cert_warning.png
:alt: Warning message
If you press y, the change is validated an poezio will match the next certs
with the accepted one.
If you refuse, you will be disconnected.
If you press n, you will get the confirmation that the change has been
refused, and you will be disconnected.
......@@ -241,6 +241,8 @@ use ``Enter`` or ``j`` to join the selected room.
You can sort the rooms by moving the direction arrows (``←`` or ``→``) and pressing
``Space`` when you are on the appropriate column.
.. _confirmtab:
Confirm tab
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