Verified Commit 668c1eb6 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Fix the irc plugin

(and fuck the scoping of python closures)
parent 3c195dd9
......@@ -171,14 +171,16 @@ class Plugin(BasePlugin):
login_nick = self.config.get_by_tabname('login_nick', section, default='')
nick = self.config.get_by_tabname('nickname', section, default='') or self.core.own_nick
if login_command and login_nick:
def login():
dest = '{}!{}'.format(login_nick, room_suffix[1:])
self.core.xmpp.send_message(mto=dest, mbody=login_command, mtype='chat')
delayed = self.api.create_delayed_event(5, self.join, gateway, section)
def login(gw, sect, log_nick, log_cmd, room_suff):
dest = '{}!{}'.format(log_nick, room_suff)
self.core.xmpp.send_message(mto=dest, mbody=log_cmd, mtype='chat')
delayed = self.api.create_delayed_event(5, self.join, gw, sect)
if not already_opened:
self.core.command_join(room_suffix + '/' + nick)
delayed = self.api.create_delayed_event(3, login)
delayed = self.api.create_delayed_event(5, login, gateway, section,
login_nick, login_command,
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