when tab is pressed when nothing is in the input, complete to the last...

when tab is pressed when nothing is in the input, complete to the last nickname who spole. fixed #1566
parent 49e62b94
......@@ -99,8 +99,8 @@ class Gui(object):
"^N": self.rotate_rooms_left,
"KEY_F(6)": self.rotate_rooms_right,
"^P": self.rotate_rooms_right,
"\t": self.auto_completion,
"^I": self.auto_completion,
"\t": self.completion,
"^I": self.completion,
"KEY_RESIZE": self.resize_window,
"KEY_BACKSPACE": self.window.input.key_backspace,
'^J': self.execute,
......@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ class Gui(object):
self.rooms.insert(0, self.rooms.pop())
def auto_completion(self):
def completion(self):
Called when Tab is pressed, complete the nickname in the input
......@@ -241,8 +241,20 @@ class Gui(object):
if a.show is None:
return -1
return 1
if len(self.window.input.text) == 0:
self.window.input.auto_completion(sorted(self.current_room().users, compare_users))
def last_talked_completion(self):
If tab is used while the input is empty, insert the nickname
of the last person who spoke
for msg in self.current_room().messages[::-1]:
if msg.nickname is not None and msg.nickname != self.current_room().own_nick:
self.window.input.text = msg.nickname+config.get('after_completion', ',')+" "
def go_to_important_room(self):
Go to the next room with activity, in this order:
......@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ class TextWin(Win):
if txt.startswith('\n'):
txt = txt[1:]
first = False
return lines[-len(messages):]# return only the needed number of lines
return lines[-len(messages):] # return only the needed number of lines
def refresh(self, room):
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