Commit 5c457175 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui Committed by Maxime Buquet

omemo: fix an indent error and make mypy happy

parent b40de0bc
......@@ -290,8 +290,8 @@ class E2EEPlugin(BasePlugin):
jid = stanza['to']
tab = self.core.tabs.by_name_and_class(jid, ChatTab)
msg = ' \n\x19%s}Could not send message: %s' % (
tab.nack_message(msg, stanza['id'], stanza['from'])
# TODO: display exceptions to the user properly
......@@ -375,10 +375,10 @@ class E2EEPlugin(BasePlugin):
if self.encrypted_tags is not None:
whitelist += self.encrypted_tags
whitelist = {'{%s}%s' % tag for tag in whitelist}
tag_whitelist = {'{%s}%s' % tag for tag in whitelist}
for elem in message.xml[:]:
if elem.tag not in whitelist:
if elem.tag not in tag_whitelist:
log.debug('Encrypted %s message: %r', self.encryption_name, message)
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