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......@@ -362,6 +362,12 @@ to understand what is :ref:`carbons <carbons-details>` or
sender intended it as such. See :ref:`Message Correction <correct-feature>` for
more information.
**Default value:** ``true``
If ``true``, poezio will bookmark automatically every room that is joined with
a manual ``/join`` command.
......@@ -428,6 +434,14 @@ to understand what is :ref:`carbons <carbons-details>` or
XHTML and CSS formating. We can use this to make colored text for example.
Set to ``true`` if you want to see colored (and otherwise formatted) messages.
**Default value:** ``true``
When parsing XHTML-IM content, only keep semantic elements, and not inline
text styles.
Only useful if :term:`enable_xhtml_im` is enabled.
**Default value:** ``true``
......@@ -723,12 +737,13 @@ or the way messages are displayed.
**Default value:** ``true``
**Default value:** ``false``
Set this to ``false`` if you want to display only the “user” part of the
chatroom jid. E.g. if you have **poezio@muc.poez.io**, it will be
displayed as **poezio**. This will be used only if :term:`use_tab_nicks`
is set to ``true``.
If set to ``false``, poezio will first display the bookmark name, or if
empty the user part of the address (before the ``@``) when displaying the
chatroom tab name. So ``poezio@muc.poez.io`` will get shortened to
``poezio`` unless this option is set to ``true``.
This will be used only if :term:`use_tab_nicks` is set to ``true``.
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