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.. glossary::
**Usage:** ``/correct <corrected message>``
Replace the content of the last sent message with *corrected message*.
**Usage:** ``/say <message>``
Message Correction
Poezio implements the `XEP-0308`_
which allows the correction of the last message sent.
The corrections are signalled with a number append to the nick of the user, in
a different color.
.. figure:: ../images/correct.png
:alt: Corrected message
The **9** here represents the number of times this message has been corrected.
You can show the revisions of a message by loading the
*display_corrections* plugin, and you
can correct your own messages with the :term:`/correct` command.
.. note:: Please do not abuse of this feature, as it will simply be displayed as
another plain message in the clients that do not support correction.
.. _XEP-0308:
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ Contents:
.. toctree::
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