Verified Commit 43ef5fd9 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui
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Fix #3080 (show roster names instead of JIDs)

parent 5ae74e4c
......@@ -862,10 +862,12 @@ def on_got_offline(self, presence):
self.information('Unable to write in the log file', 'Error')
# If a resource got offline, display the message in the conversation with this
# precise resource.
contact = roster[jid.bare]
name = if contact and else jid.bare
if jid.resource:
self.add_information_message_to_conversation_tab(jid.full, '\x195}%s is \x191}offline' % (jid.full))
self.add_information_message_to_conversation_tab(jid.bare, '\x195}%s is \x191}offline' % (jid.bare))
self.information('\x193}%s \x195}is \x191}offline' % (jid.bare), 'Roster')
self.add_information_message_to_conversation_tab(jid.full, '\x195}%s is \x191}offline' % name)
self.add_information_message_to_conversation_tab(jid.bare, '\x195}%s is \x191}offline' % name)
self.information('\x193}%s \x195}is \x191}offline' % name, 'Roster')
if isinstance(self.current_tab(), tabs.RosterInfoTab):
......@@ -890,14 +892,15 @@ def on_got_online(self, presence):
'show': presence['show'],
})'normal_presence', presence, resource)
self.add_information_message_to_conversation_tab(jid.full, '\x195}%s is \x194}online' % (jid.full))
name = if else jid.bare
self.add_information_message_to_conversation_tab(jid.full, '\x195}%s is \x194}online' % name)
if time.time() - self.connection_time > 10:
# We do not display messages if we recently logged in
if presence['status']:
self.information("\x193}%s \x195}is \x194}online\x195} (\x19o%s\x195})" % (safeJID(resource.jid).bare, presence['status']), "Roster")
self.information("\x193}%s \x195}is \x194}online\x195} (\x19o%s\x195})" % (name, presence['status']), "Roster")
self.information("\x193}%s \x195}is \x194}online\x195}" % safeJID(resource.jid).bare, "Roster")
self.add_information_message_to_conversation_tab(jid.bare, '\x195}%s is \x194}online' % (jid.bare))
self.information("\x193}%s \x195}is \x194}online\x195}" % name, "Roster")
self.add_information_message_to_conversation_tab(jid.bare, '\x195}%s is \x194}online' % name)
if isinstance(self.current_tab(), tabs.RosterInfoTab):
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