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Update the CHANGELOG file with all 0.8 changes so far.

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This file describes the new features in each poezio release.
For more detailed changelog, see the roadmap:
* Poezio 0.8 - dev
- Add an option to hide message timestamps.
- Add an option (show_timestamps) to show message timestamps.
- Add an option (hide_user_list) to hide the user list in MUCs.
- Add a "reverse" theme option for highlight nicks that displays
the nick in reverse mode on highlight messages.
- Use get_wch() if available (introduced in python3.3) instead of our custom
way to read unicode input.
- Add an option to preload last logs into the conversation when opening a new tab.
- Introduce support for XEP 308, Last message correction
- Rewrite the Executor class to make remote execution more reliable, and
command easier to write (without a lot of escaping to do).
- Increase roster speed a lot.
- Add option to sort the roster more precisely.
- Add an option to avoid gap in the tab numbering when closing a tab.
- Add a /move_tab command, to move tabs.
- Add simple communication blocking support
- Add last activity support (
- Add a /self command.
- Add a /runkey command.
- Support underlined text in the input with C-c u.
* Poezio & 2 - Summer 2012
- Fix tracebacks caused by a change in Sleekxmpp
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