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Add general commands in the usage help

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Command listing
The commands are shown like this:
/command <mandatory argument> [optional argument]
Global commands
These commands work in *any* tab.
*/join [room_name][@server][/nick] [password]*:: Join the specified room. You can specify a nickname after a slash (/). If no nickname is specified, you will use the default_nick in the configuration file. You can omit the room name: you will then join the room you're looking at (useful if you were kicked). You can also provide a room_name without specifying a server, the server of the room you're currently in will be used. You can also provide a password to join the room.
- Examples:
* /join room@server.tld
* /join room@server.tld/John
* /join room2
* /join /me_again
* /join
* /join room@server.tld/my_nick password
* /join / password
*/exit*:: Just disconnect from the server and exit poezio.
*/quit*:: Like /exit.
*/next*:: Go to the next room.
*/prev*:: Go to the previous room.
*/win <number>*:: Go to the specified room.
*/w <number>*:: Like /win.
*/status <availability> [status message]*:: Set your availability and (optionaly) your status message. The <availability> argument is one of "available, chat, away, afk, dnd, busy, xa" and the optional [status] argument will be your status message.'
*/bookmark [roomname][/nick]*:: Bookmark the specified room (you will then auto-join it on each poezio start). This commands uses the same syntax as /join. Type /help join for syntax examples. Note that when typing /bookmark on its own, the room will be bookmarked with the nickname you're currently using in this room (instead of default_nick).
*/set <option> [value]*:: Sets the value to the option in your configuration file. You can, for example, change your default nickname by doing "/set default_nick toto" or your resource with "/set resource blabla". You can also set an empty value (nothing) by providing no [value] after <option>.
*/theme*:: Reload the theme defined in the config file.
*/list [server.tld]*:: Get the list of public chatrooms in the specified server.
*/message <jid> [optional message]*:: Open a conversation with the specified JID (event if it is not in our roster), and send a message to him, if specified.
*/version <jid>*:: Get the software version of the given JID (usually its XMPP client and Operating System).
*/server_cycle [server.tld] [message]*:: Disconnect and reconnect in all the rooms of server.tld.
*/bind <key> <eq>*:: Bind a key to another key or to a "command". For example, "/bind ^H KEY_UP" makes Control + h behave the same way than the Up key.
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