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Add the pointpoint plugin

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......@@ -207,6 +207,11 @@ Plugin index
Double the first word of each sentence.
:ref:`Documention <pointpoint-plugin>`
Insert dots in your messages.
.. toctree::
......@@ -240,3 +245,4 @@ Plugin index
.. _pointpoint-plugin:
.. automodule:: pointpoint
This plugin adds a command (that can be bound to a key) that adds a random
number of dots in the input, making you look depressed, or overly thinking...
.. note:: .......
Load the plugin.::
/load pointpoint
Then use the command: ::
But since the goal is to be able to add the dots while typing a message,
entering a command is not really useful. To be useful, this plugin needs to
be used through a bound key, for example like this: ::
/bind M-. _exc_pointpoint
You just need to press Alt+. and this will insert dots in your message.
.. glossary::
**Usage:** ``/pointpoint``
from plugin import BasePlugin
from random import randrange
class Plugin(BasePlugin):
def init(self):
self.api.add_command('pointpoint', self.command_pointpoint,
help='Insert a random number of dots in the input')
def command_pointpoint(self, args):
for i in range(randrange(8, 25)):
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