Verified Commit 2bb4f45e authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Fix the file (/import & /export) completion on the roster tab

parent 64ef02d5
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ import difflib
import os
import ssl
from os import getenv, path
from functools import partial
from . import Tab
......@@ -112,12 +113,12 @@ class RosterInfoTab(Tab):
desc=_('Export your contacts into /path/to/file if specified, or $HOME/poezio_contacts if not.'),
shortdesc=_('Export your roster to a file.'),
completion=partial(self.completion_file, 1))
self.register_command('import', self.command_import,
desc=_('Import your contacts from /path/to/file if specified, or $HOME/poezio_contacts if not.'),
shortdesc=_('Import your roster from a file.'),
completion=partial(self.completion_file, 1))
self.register_command('clear', self.command_clear,
shortdesc=_('Clear the info buffer.'))
self.register_command('last_activity', self.command_last_activity,
......@@ -484,29 +485,42 @@ class RosterInfoTab(Tab):
not self.input.help_message:
def completion_file(self, the_input):
def completion_file(self, complete_number, the_input):
Completion for /import and /export
Generic quoted completion for files/paths
(use functools.partial to use directly as a completion
for a command)
text = the_input.get_text()
args = text.split()
n = len(args)
if n == 1:
home = os.getenv('HOME') or '/'
return the_input.auto_completion([home, '/tmp'], '')
the_path = text[text.index(' ')+1:]
args = common.shell_split(text)
n = the_input.get_argument_position()
if n == complete_number:
if args[n-1] == '' or len(args) < n+1:
home = os.getenv('HOME') or '/'
return the_input.new_completion([home, '/tmp'], n, quotify=True)
path_ = args[n]
if path.isdir(path_):
dir_ = path_
base = ''
dir_ = path.dirname(path_)
base = path.basename(path_)
names = os.listdir(the_path)
names = os.listdir(dir_)
except OSError:
names = []
names_filtered = [name for name in names if name.startswith(base)]
if names_filtered:
names = names_filtered
if not names:
names = [path_]
end_list = []
for name in names:
value = os.path.join(the_path, name)
value = os.path.join(dir_, name)
if not name.startswith('.'):
return the_input.auto_completion(end_list, '')
return the_input.new_completion(end_list, n, quotify=True)
def command_clear(self):
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