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Key bindings in the doc.

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......@@ -25,6 +25,22 @@ These keys work in *any* tab.
*Alt-j*:: Waits for you to type a two-digits number. Go to tab number xx.
*Alt-e*:: Go to the tab with a higher priority (highlight = private message > message > non-empty input).
*Alt-z*:: Go to the previous tab.
*Alt-r*:: Go to the roster.
*F7*:: Shrink the information buffer.
*F8*:: Grow the information buffer.
*Ctrl-l*:: Refresh the screen.
*PageUp*:: Scroll a page up.
*PageDown*:: Scroll a page down.
Input keys
These keys concern only the inputs.
......@@ -47,6 +63,59 @@ These keys work in any conversation tab (MultiUserChat, Private or Conversation
*Alt-/*:: Complete what you’re typing using the "recent" words from the current conversation, if any.
*Alt-v*:: Move the separator at the bottom of the tab.
MultiUserChat tab input keys
These keys work only in the MultiUserChat tab.
*Alt-u*:: Scroll the user list down.
*Alt-y*:: Scroll the user list up.
*tabulation*:: Complete a nick.
MultiUserChat List tab input keys
These keys work only in the MultiUserChat List tab (obtained with /list <server>).
*Up*:: Go up one row.
*Down*:: Go down one row.
*j*:: Join the MultiUserChat currently selected.
*J*:: Join the MultiUserChat currently selected, without giving focus to iuts tab.
*Ctrl-M*:: Join the MultiUserChat currently selected (same as "j").
Roster tab input keys
These keys work only in the Roster tab (the tab number 0).
*/*:: Open a prompt for commands.
*s*:: Start a search on the contacts.
*Alt-u*:: Move the cursor to the next group.
*Alt-y*:: Move the cursor to the previous group.
The following will not work if you can still write things in the input
(meaning you previously typed "s" or "/"):
*Space*:: Fold/Unfold the current item.
*Up*:: Move the cursor down one contact.
*Down*:: Move the cursor up one contact.
*o*:: Show the offline contacts.
Key configuration
Bindings are keyboard shortcut aliases. You can use them
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