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This modules contains a class that loads messages into a ChatTab, either from
MAM or the local logs, and a class that loads MUC history into the local
How the log loading works will depend on the poezio configuration:
- if use_log is True, no logs will be fetched dynamically
- if use_log is False, all logs will be fetched from MAM (if available)
- if mam_sync and use_log are True, most chat tabs (all of them except the
static conversation tab) will try to sync the local
logs with the MAM history when opening them, or when joining a room.
- all log loading/writing workflows are paused until the MAM sync is complete
(so that the local log loading can be up-to-date with the MAM history)
- when use_log is False, mam_sync has no effect
from __future__ import annotations
import asyncio
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