Verbose result for /bookmark command. fixed #1614

parent 8e19b848
......@@ -665,13 +665,13 @@ class Gui(object):
if is_jid(self.current_room().name):
room += '@%s' % jid_get_domain(self.current_room().name)
else: # no server could be found, print a message and return
self.information(_("You didn't specify a server for the room you want to join"))
self.add_message_to_room(self.current_room(), _("You didn't specify a server for the room you want to join"))
r = self.get_room_by_name(room)
if len(args) == 2: # a password is provided
password = args[1]
if r and r.joined: # if we are already in the room
self.information(_("already in room [%s]") % room)
self.add_message_to_room(self.current_room(), _("already in room [%s]") % room)
self.muc.join_room(room, nick, password)
if not r: # if the room window exists, we don't recreate it.
......@@ -713,7 +713,9 @@ class Gui(object):
bookmarked = ':'.join(bookmarked)
config.set_and_save('rooms', bookmarked+':'+res)
bookmarks = bookmarked+':'+res
config.set_and_save('rooms', bookmarks)
self.add_message_to_room(self.current_room(), _('Your bookmarks are now: %s') % bookmarks)
def command_set(self, args):
......@@ -415,10 +415,7 @@ class Input(Win):
if not self.clipboard or len(self.clipboard) == 0:
for letter in self.clipboard:
from common import debug
debug("%s\n" % letter.encode('utf-8'))
# self.do_command(self.clipboard[-1])
def key_dc(self):
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