Commit 0f066ab1 authored by Link Mauve's avatar Link Mauve

add_message_to_text_buffer was never used with its time and history arguments.

parent bfe7a310
......@@ -1647,16 +1647,15 @@ class Core(object):
tabs.Tab.height - 2, 0)
self.left_tab_win = None
def add_message_to_text_buffer(self, buff, txt,
time=None, nickname=None, history=None):
def add_message_to_text_buffer(self, buff, txt, nickname=None):
Add the message to the room if possible, else, add it to the Info window
(in the Info tab of the info window in the RosterTab)
if not buff:
self.information('Trying to add a message in no room: %s' % txt, 'Error')
buff.add_message(txt, time, nickname, history=history)
buff.add_message(txt, nickname=nickname)
def full_screen_redraw(self):
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