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On kick, get the actor 'nick', before trying the 'jid'

'nick' attribute has been introduced recently in the XEP. We still try the
'jid' attribute for backward compatibility. And also we don’t traceback
anymore if any of these fields is not present.
parent 4a091b3d
......@@ -1641,9 +1641,11 @@ class MucTab(ChatTab):
When someone is kicked from a muc
by = presence.find('{%s}x/{%s}item/{%s}actor' % (NS_MUC_USER, NS_MUC_USER, NS_MUC_USER))
actor_elem = presence.find('{%s}x/{%s}item/{%s}actor' % (NS_MUC_USER, NS_MUC_USER, NS_MUC_USER))
reason = presence.find('{%s}x/{%s}item/{%s}reason' % (NS_MUC_USER, NS_MUC_USER, NS_MUC_USER))
by = by.attrib['jid'] if by is not None else None
by = None
if actor_elem is not None:
by = actor_elem.get('nick') or actor_elem.get('jid')
if from_nick == self.own_nick: # we are kicked
if by:
kick_msg = _('\x191}%(spec)s \x193}You\x19%(info_col)s} have been kicked by \x193}%(by)s') % {
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