Commit 08d31d4f authored by louiz’'s avatar louiz’

Remove the formatting-check ci build until we decide what we should do with it

If we ignore it, it’s just noise.

We need to decide:
- fix the code to be like yapf wants to be (I’m against this)
- change the rules, to make them way more flexible, and then apply them
- don’t run yapf at all
parent 9b95b65a
......@@ -86,12 +86,3 @@ pylint-plugins:
- pip3 install -r requirements-plugins.txt
- python3 install
- pylint -E plugins
stage: test
image: python:3
allow_failure: true
- pip3 install yapf
- yapf -dpr poezio
- "[ -n \"$(yapf -dpr poezio)\" ] && echo 'Formatting check failed, please run yapf' && exit 1 || echo 'Formatting check succeeded'"
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