Commit 077699d5 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Revert "Remove the pubsub-related stuff from the main branch"

This reverts commit 8def5609.
parent 8def5609
# Copyright 2010-2011 Florent Le Coz <>
# This file is part of Poezio.
# Poezio is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the zlib license. See the COPYING file.
Defines a function returning a dict containing the values from an
atom entry contained in a pubsub entry
def parse_atom_entry(pubsub_item):
Takes a pubsub ET.Element item and returns a dict containing
all needed values from the atom entry element.
Returns None if the item does not contain an atom entry.
entry_elem = pubsub_item.find('{%s}entry' % (ATOM_XMLNS,))
if entry_elem is None:
return None
res = {'author':{}}
author_elem = entry_elem.find('{%s}author' % (ATOM_XMLNS,))
if author_elem is not None:
for sub in ('name', 'uri'):
sub_elem = author_elem.find('{%s}%s' % (ATOM_XMLNS, sub,))
if sub_elem is not None:
res['author'][sub] = sub_elem.text
for elem_name in {'title':'text', 'updated':'date', 'published': 'date',
elem = entry_elem.find('{%s}%s' % (ATOM_XMLNS, elem_name,))
if elem is not None:
res[elem_name] = elem.text
link_elem = entry_elem.find('{%s}link' % (ATOM_XMLNS,))
if link_elem is not None:
res['link_href'] = link_elem.attrib.get('href') or ''
return res
...@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ import bookmark ...@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ import bookmark
import common import common
import fixes import fixes
import pep import pep
import pubsub
import tabs import tabs
import theming import theming
from common import safeJID from common import safeJID
...@@ -763,6 +764,22 @@ def command_bind(self, arg): ...@@ -763,6 +764,22 @@ def command_bind(self, arg):
else: else:
self.information('%s is now unbound' % args[0], 'Info') self.information('%s is now unbound' % args[0], 'Info')
def command_pubsub(self, args):
Opens a pubsub browser on the given domain
args = common.shell_split(args)
if len(args) != 1:
return self.command_help('pubsub')
domain = args[0]
tab = self.get_tab_by_name('%s@@pubsubbrowser' % (domain,), pubsub.PubsubBrowserTab)
if tab:
self.command_win('%s' % tab.nb)
new_tab = pubsub.PubsubBrowserTab(domain)
self.add_tab(new_tab, True)
def command_rawxml(self, arg): def command_rawxml(self, arg):
""" """
/rawxml <xml stanza> /rawxml <xml stanza>
...@@ -1681,6 +1681,7 @@ class Core(object): ...@@ -1681,6 +1681,7 @@ class Core(object):
command_invitations = commands.command_invitations command_invitations = commands.command_invitations
command_quit = commands.command_quit command_quit = commands.command_quit
command_bind = commands.command_bind command_bind = commands.command_bind
command_pubsub = commands.command_pubsub
command_rawxml = commands.command_rawxml command_rawxml = commands.command_rawxml
command_load = commands.command_load command_load = commands.command_load
command_unload = commands.command_unload command_unload = commands.command_unload
# Copyright 2010-2011 Florent Le Coz <>
# This file is part of Poezio.
# Poezio is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the zlib license. See the COPYING file.
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
import os
import curses
import tempfile
import subprocess
import tabs
import windows
import atom_parser
from config import config
from datetime import datetime
from sleekxmpp.xmlstream import ET
item_template = \
-- About you
-- Your name
Author: %(author)s
-- Your jid (e.g. or website’s url (
URI: xmpp:%(jid)s
-- Your email address (e.g.
-- Please use the form dd/mm/yyy hh:mm:ss, or leave empty
-- If you leave the date empty it will automatically be filled with the current time and date (recommended)
--- body --- Until the end of file, this will be your item's body
def parse_template(lines):
takes a template string (splitted by lines) and returns a dict with the correstponding values
lines = [line.lower() for line in lines]
res = {}
reading_body = False
body = []
for line in lines:
if line.startswith('--- body ---'):
reading_body = True
if reading_body:
if line.startswith('-- '):
for value in ('author', 'uri', 'email', 'title', 'date'):
if line.startswith('%s:' % (value,)):
res[value] = line.split(':', 1)[1].strip()
res['body'] = ''.join(body)
return res
def create_entry_from_dict(dic):
Takes a dict with the correct values and returns an ET.Element
representing an Atom entry
entry_elem = ET.Element('entry', xmlns=ATOM_XMLNS)
author_elem = ET.Element('author', xmlns=ATOM_XMLNS)
if dic.get('author'):
name_elem = ET.Element('name', xmlns=ATOM_XMLNS)
name_elem.text = dic.get('author')
if dic.get('uri'):
uri_elem = ET.Element('uri', xmlns=ATOM_XMLNS)
uri_elem.text = dic.get('uri')
if dic.get('email'):
email_elem = ET.Element('email', xmlns=ATOM_XMLNS)
email_elem.text = dic.get('email')
if dic.get('title'):
title_elem = ET.Element('title', xmlns=ATOM_XMLNS)
title_elem.text = dic.get('title')
# if dic.get('date'):
date_elem = ET.Element('published', xmlns=ATOM_XMLNS)
date_elem.text = '%s' %
summary_elem = ET.Element('summary', xmlns=ATOM_XMLNS)
summary_elem.text = dic.get('body') or ''
return entry_elem
class PubsubNode(object):
node_type = None # unknown yet
def __init__(self, name, parent=None):
self.items = [] = name
self.parent = parent
class LeafNode(PubsubNode):
node_type = "leaf"
def __init__(self, name, parent=None):
PubsubNode.__init__(self, name, parent)
class CollectionNode(PubsubNode):
node_type = "collection"
def __init__(self, name, parent=None):
PubsubNode.__init__(self, name, parent)
self.subnodes = []
class PubsubItem(object):
def __init__(self, idd, content): = idd
self.content = content
self.parsed_content = atom_parser.parse_atom_entry(content)
def to_dict(self, columns):
returns a dict of the values listed in columns
ret = {}
for col in columns:
ret[col] = self.__dict__.get(col) or ''
if self.parsed_content:
ret['title'] = self.parsed_content.get('title')
ret['author'] = self.parsed_content['author'].get('name')
return ret
class PubsubBrowserTab(tabs.Tab):
A tab containing a pubsub browser letting the user
list nodes and items, view, add and delete items, etc
def __init__(self, server):
Server is the name of the pubsub server, for example:
All action done in this tab will be made on that server.
self.current_node = None # the subnode we are listing. None means the root
self.server = server
self.nodes = [] # the lower level of nodes
self.upper_message = windows.Topic()
# Node List View
node_columns = ('node', 'name',)
self.node_list_header = windows.ColumnHeaderWin(node_columns)
self.node_listview = windows.ListWin(node_columns)
# Item List View
item_columns = ('title', 'author', 'id')
self.item_list_header = windows.ColumnHeaderWin(item_columns)
self.item_listview = windows.ListWin(item_columns)
# Vertical Separator
self.vertical_separator = windows.VerticalSeparator()
# Item viewer
self.item_viewer = windows.SimpleTextWin('')
self.default_help_message = windows.HelpText("“c”: create a node.")
self.input = self.default_help_message
self.key_func['c'] = self.command_create_node
self.key_func['p'] = self.command_publish_item
self.key_func["M-KEY_DOWN"] = self.scroll_node_down
self.key_func["M-KEY_UP"] = self.scroll_node_up
self.key_func["KEY_DOWN"] = self.item_listview.move_cursor_down
self.key_func["KEY_UP"] = self.item_listview.move_cursor_up
self.key_func["^M"] = self.open_selected_item
def command_publish_item(self):
self.core.background = True
editor = config.get('editor', '') or os.getenv('EDITOR') or 'vi'
log.debug('Starting item edition with command %s' % editor)
tmpfile = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(mode='r+')
tmpfile.write(item_template % {'author': self.core.xmpp.boundjid.user, 'jid': self.core.xmpp.boundjid.bare})
process = + [])
item_dict = parse_template(tmpfile.readlines())
log.debug('[%s]' % item_dict)
self.core.background = False
entry = create_entry_from_dict(item_dict)
self.publish_item(entry, self.get_selected_node_name())
def publish_item(self, content, node_name):
publish the given item on the given node
def callback(res):
if res:
self.set_info_message('Item published')
self.set_info_message('Item not published')
self.core.xmpp.plugin['xep_0060'].setItem(self.server, node_name, content, callback=callback)
def set_info_message(self, message):
Set an informative message in the upper line, near the server name
self.upper_message.set_message('Pubsub server: %s/%s [%s]' % (self.server, self.current_node or '', message))
def resize(self):
self.upper_message.resize(1, self.width, 0, 0)
self.tab_win.resize(1, self.width, self.height-2, 0)
column_size = {'node': self.width//4,
'name': self.width//4,}
self.node_list_header.resize(1, self.width//2, 1, 0)
self.node_listview.resize(self.height//2-2, self.width//2, 2, 0)
w = self.width//2
column_size = {'id': w//8,
self.item_list_header.resize(self.height//2+1, self.width//2, self.height//2, 0)
self.item_listview.resize(self.height//2-3, self.width//2, self.height//2+1, 0)
self.vertical_separator.resize(self.height-3, 1, 1, self.width//2)
self.item_viewer.resize(self.height-3, self.width//2+1, 1, self.width//2+1)
self.input.resize(1, self.width, self.height-1, 0)
def refresh(self):
if self.need_resize:
log.debug(' TAB Refresh: %s'%self.__class__.__name__)
def force_refresh(self):
if self.core.current_tab() is self:
def get_name(self):
return '%s@@pubsubbrowser' % (self.server,)
def on_input(self, key):
res = self.input.do_command(key)
if res:
return True
if key in self.key_func:
return self.key_func[key]()
def get_selected_node_name(self):
From the node_view_list, returns the node name of the selected
one. None can be returned
line = self.node_listview.get_selected_row()
if not line:
return None
return line['node']
def get_node_by_name(self, name):
in the currently browsed node (or on the root), return the node with that name
nodes = self.current_node and self.current_node.subnodes or self.nodes
for node in nodes:
if == name:
return node
return None
def get_item_by_id(self, idd):
in the currently selected node, return the item with that id
selected_node_name = self.get_selected_node_name()
if not selected_node_name:
return None
selected_node = self.get_node_by_name(selected_node_name)
if not selected_node:
return None
for item in selected_node.items:
if == idd:
return item
return None
def get_selected_item_id(self):
returns the id of the currently selected item
line = self.item_listview.get_selected_row()
if not line:
return None
return line['id']
def get_items(self, node):
Get all items in the given node
def callback(items):
item_list = []
if items:
for it in items:
item_list.append(PubsubItem(it.attrib['id'], it))
node.items = item_list
log.debug('get_selected_node_name: %s' % self.get_selected_node_name())
if self.get_selected_node_name() ==
log.debug('Item on node %s: %s' % (, item_list))
self.set_info_message('Items received')
self.core.xmpp.plugin['xep_0060'].get_items(self.server,, callback=callback)
def display_items_from_node(self, node):
takes a node, and set fill the item_listview with that
node’s items
columns = self.item_list_header.get_columns()
log.debug('display_items_from_node: %s' % node.items)
for item in node.items:
line = item.to_dict(columns)
def add_nodes(self, node_list, parent=None):
Add Node objects to the list of the parent.
If parent is None, they are added to the root list.
If the current selected node is parent, we add
them directly to the node_listview
log.debug('Adding nodes to %s: %s' % (node_list, parent,))
if not parent:
list_to_append = self.nodes
list_to_append = parent.nodes
for node in node_list:
new_node = LeafNode(node['node'])
def get_nodes(self, node=None):
Get all subnodes of the given node. If no node is given, get
the root nodes
def callback(nodes):
lines = [{'name': nodes[node] or '',
'node': node} for node in nodes.keys()]
self.set_info_message('Nodes received')
self.core.xmpp.plugin['xep_0060'].get_nodes(self.server, callback=callback)
def create_node(self, node_name):
def callback(res):
if res:
self.node_listview.add_lines([{'name': '', 'node': node_name}])
self.set_info_message('Node created')
self.set_info_message('Node not created')
if node_name:
self.core.xmpp.plugin['xep_0060'].create_node(self.server, node_name, callback=callback)
return True
def reset_help_message(self, txt=None):
Just reset the help message when a command ends
self.input = self.default_help_message
return True
def command_create_node(self):
Prompt for a node name and create it on Enter key
self.input = windows.CommandInput("[Create node]", self.reset_help_message, self.create_node, None)
self.input.resize(1, self.width, self.height-1, 0)
return True
def scroll_node_up(self):
scroll the node up, and update the item list if needed
selected_node_before = self.get_selected_node_name()
selected_node_after = self.get_selected_node_name()
if selected_node_after is not selected_node_before:
return True
return False
def scroll_node_down(self):
scroll the node down, and update the item list if needed
selected_node_before = self.get_selected_node_name()
selected_node_after = self.get_selected_node_name()
if selected_node_after is not selected_node_before:
return True
return False
def open_selected_item(self):
displays the currently selected item in the item view window
selected_item = self.get_item_by_id(self.get_selected_item_id())
if not selected_item:
log.debug('Content: %s'%ET.tostring(selected_item.content))
entry = atom_parser.parse_atom_entry(selected_item.content)
if not entry:
self.item_viewer._text = str(ET.tostring(selected_item.content))
self.item_viewer._text = \
"""\x193Title:\x19o %(title)s
\x193Author:\x19o %(author_name)s (%(author_uri)s)
%(dates)s\x193Link:\x19o %(link)s
""" % {'title': entry.get('title') or '',
'author_name': entry['author'].get('name') or '',
'author_uri': entry['author'].get('uri') or '',
'link': entry.get('link_href') or '',
'summary': entry.get('summary') or '',
'dates': '\x193Published:\x19o %(published)s\n%(updated)s' % {'published':entry.get('published') or '',
'updated': '' if (entry.get('updated') is None) or (entry.get('published') == entry.get('updated')) else '\x193Published:\x19o %s\n' % entry.get('updated')}
return True
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