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* Poezio 0.7.2 - dev
- Huge speed improvements in both memory usage, text
refresh speed and interface resize.
- Chatstate notifications (in private AND in MUCs)
- /message command to talk to any JID
- /version command to get the software version of an entity
- /bind command, and keys can be bound in the config file
- Multiline edition
- xhtml-im messages can be sent and received
- 256 colors support
- themes are easier to create and load. They can use
up to 256 colors
- completion now works not only at the end of the input
- /affiliation and /role commands to administrate MUCs
- /export command to export your roster in a file
- data forms support (only for room configuration at the moment)
- a *lot* of bugfixes
* Poezio 0.7.1 - 2 Feb 2010
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