Commit 8e83f620 authored by Link Mauve's avatar Link Mauve

Import the os module directly in

parent 079b64fc
......@@ -7,10 +7,9 @@ except ImportError:
import sys
from os.path import basename, dirname, exists, join
from os import link, walk, unlink
import os
current_dir = dirname(__file__)
current_dir = os.path.dirname(__file__)
def get_relative_dir(folder, stopper):
......@@ -18,22 +17,22 @@ def get_relative_dir(folder, stopper):
the filetree.
acc = []
last = basename(folder)
last = os.path.basename(folder)
while last != stopper:
folder = dirname(folder)
last = basename(folder)
return join(*acc[::-1]) if acc else ''
folder = os.path.dirname(folder)
last = os.path.basename(folder)
return os.path.join(*acc[::-1]) if acc else ''
def find_doc(before, path):
_files = []
stop = basename(path)
for root, dirs, files in walk(join(current_dir, 'doc', path)):
stop = os.path.basename(path)
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(os.path.join(current_dir, 'doc', path)):
files_path = []
relative_root = get_relative_dir(root, stop)
for name in files:
files_path.append(join(root, name))
_files.append((join(before, relative_root), files_path))
files_path.append(os.path.join(root, name))
_files.append((os.path.join(before, relative_root), files_path))
return _files
def check_include(library_name, header):
......@@ -65,13 +64,13 @@ module_poopt = Extension('poezio.poopt',
# Create a link to the config file (for packaging purposes)
if not exists(join(current_dir, 'poezio', 'default_config.cfg')):
link(join(current_dir, 'data', 'default_config.cfg'),
join(current_dir, 'poezio', 'default_config.cfg'))
if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(current_dir, 'poezio', 'default_config.cfg')):, 'data', 'default_config.cfg'),
os.path.join(current_dir, 'poezio', 'default_config.cfg'))
# identify the git version
git_dir = join(current_dir, '.git')
if exists(git_dir):
git_dir = os.path.join(current_dir, '.git')
if os.path.exists(git_dir):
import subprocess
result = subprocess.Popen(['git', '--git-dir', git_dir, 'describe'],
......@@ -136,8 +135,8 @@ setup(name="poezio",
'Avoiding cython': 'cffi'})
# Remove the link afterwards
if (exists(join(current_dir, 'poezio', 'default_config.cfg')) and
exists(join(current_dir, 'data', 'default_config.cfg'))):
if (os.path.exists(os.path.join(current_dir, 'poezio', 'default_config.cfg')) and
os.path.exists(os.path.join(current_dir, 'data', 'default_config.cfg'))):
unlink(join(current_dir, 'poezio', 'default_config.cfg'))
os.unlink(os.path.join(current_dir, 'poezio', 'default_config.cfg'))
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