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  • 8.5
    23c96acc · Release version 8.5 ·
  • 8.4
    f6dd3c46 · Release version 8.4 ·
    Release 8.4
    • Fix a possible crash that could be caused by a very well timed identd query
  • 8.3
    ab7d1bbf · Release version 8.3 ·
    Release 8.3
    • The global ad-hoc configure command is now available on biboumi’s JID in fixed_irc_server mode.
  • 8.2
    d3eda687 · Release version 8.2 ·
    Release 8.2
    • The users are not able to bypass the fixed mode by just configuring a different Address for the IRC server anymore.
  • 8.1
    1c4620d9 · Release version 8.1 ·
    Release 8.1
    • Fix a crash on a raw NAMES command
  • 8.0
    08fabd0a · Release version 8.0 ·
    Release 8.0
    • GCC 4.9 or lower are not supported anymore. The minimal version is 5.0
    • Add a complete='true' in MAM’s iq result when appropriate
    • The archive ordering now only relies on the value of the ID, not the date. This means that if you manually import archives in your database (or mess with it somehow), biboumi will not work properly anymore, if you don’t make sure the ID of everything in the muclogline table is consistent.
    • The “virtual” channel with an empty name (for example %irc.freenode.net@biboumi) has been entirely removed.
    • Add an “Address” field in the servers’ configure form. This lets the user customize the address to use when connecting to a server. See #3273 for more details.
    • Messages id are properly reflected to the sender
    • We now properly deal with a PostgreSQL server restart: whenever the connection is lost with the server, we try to reconnect and re-execute the query once.
    • A Nick field has been added in the IRC server configuration form, to let the user force a nickname whenever a channel on the server is joined.
    • Multiple admins can now be listed in the admin field, separated with a colon.
    • Missing fields in a data-form response are now properly interpreted as an empty value, and not the default value. Gajim users were not able to empty a field of type text-multi because of this issue.
    • Fix an uncaught exception with botan, when policy does not allow any available ciphersuite.
    • When the connection gets desynchronized and tries to re-join while biboumi thinks it has never left, biboumi now sends the whole standard join sequence (history, user-list, etc).
  • 7.2
    97c8e2fe · Release version 7.2 ·
  • 7.1
    23e51e81 · Release version 7.1 ·
  • 7.0
    6e1af8b0 · Release version 7.0 ·
  • 6.1
    aa65cfd1 · Release version 6.1 ·
  • 6.0
    c1984733 · Release version 6.0 ·
  • 5.0
    23a33721 · Release version 5.0 ·
  • 4.3
  • 4.2
    9db89eb8 · Release version 4.2 ·
  • 4.1
    1fe2b156 · Release version 4.1 ·
    Release 4.1
    • Works with biboumi 2.x, as well as biboumi 1.11.x
  • debian/4.0-1   biboumi Debian release 4.0-1
  • upstream/4.0   Upstream version 4.0
    f820d86a · New upstream version 4.0 ·
  • 4.0
    9634cdab · Release version 4.0 ·
    Release 4.0
    • The separator between the IRC nickname and the IRC server is now '%' instead of '!'. This makes things simpler (only one separator to remember). The distinction between a JID referring to a channel and a JID refering to a nickname is based on the first character (# or & by default, but this can be customized by the server with the ISUPPORT extension).
    • Handle channel invitations in both directions.
    • Add support for JID escaping <http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0106.html>.
    • Save all channel messages into the database, with an ad-hoc option to disable this feature.
    • When joining a room, biboumi sends an history of the most recents messages found in the database.
    • Channel history can be retrieved using Message Archive Management.
    • Result Set Management can be used to request only parts of the IRC channel list.
  • upstream/3.0   Upstream version 3.0
    eda4b75b · New upstream version 3.0 ·
  • 3.0
    0f14fe83 · Release 3.0 ·
    Release 3.0
    • Support multiple-nick sessions: a user can join an IRC channel behind one single nick, using multiple different clients, at the same time (as long as each client is using the same bare JID).
    • Database support for persistant per-user per-server configuration. Add LiteSQL <https://dev.louiz.org/projects/litesql> as an optional dependency.
    • Add ad-hoc commands that lets each user configure various things
    • Support an after-connect command that will be sent to the server just after the user gets connected to it.
    • Support the sending of a PASS command.
    • Lets the users configure their username and realname, if the realname_customization is set to true.
    • The remote TLS certificates are checked against the system’s trusted CAs, unless the user used the configuration option that ignores these checks.
    • Lets the user set a sha-1 hash to identify a server certificate that should always be trusted.
    • Add an outgoing_bind option.
    • Add an ad-hoc command to forcefully disconnect a user from one or more servers.
    • Let the user configure the incoming encoding of an IRC server (the default behaviour remains unchanged: check if it’s valid utf-8 and if not, decode as latin-1).
    • Support multi-prefix <http://ircv3.net/specs/extensions/multi-prefix-3.1.html>.
    • And of course, many bufixes.
    • Run unit tests and a test suite, build the RPM and check many things automatically using gitlab-ci.