Commit eb8f1cbc authored by louiz’'s avatar louiz’

Avoid a potential nullptr dereference

parent 17f8cf64
......@@ -569,13 +569,11 @@ bool BiboumiComponent::handle_mam_request(const Stanza& stanza)
Jid to(stanza.get_tag("to"));
const XmlNode* query = stanza.get_child("query", MAM_NS);
std::string query_id;
if (query)
query_id = query->get_tag("queryid");
Iid iid(to.local, {'#', '&'});
if (iid.type == Iid::Type::Channel && to.resource.empty())
if (query && iid.type == Iid::Type::Channel && to.resource.empty())
const std::string query_id = query->get_tag("queryid");
std::string start;
std::string end;
const XmlNode* x = query->get_child("x", DATAFORM_NS);
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