Commit cfca16bb authored by louiz’'s avatar louiz’
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Ability to leave the dummy channel

parent 576fb3d1
......@@ -197,7 +197,12 @@ void IrcClient::send_part_command(const std::string& chan_name, const std::strin
IrcChannel* channel = this->get_channel(chan_name);
if (channel->joined == true)
this->send_message(IrcMessage("PART", {chan_name, status_message}));
if (chan_name.empty())
this->bridge->send_muc_leave(Iid(std::string("%") + this->hostname), std::string(this->current_nick), "", true);
this->send_message(IrcMessage("PART", {chan_name, status_message}));
void IrcClient::send_mode_command(const std::string& chan_name, const std::vector<std::string>& arguments)
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