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Update the changelog by adding (all?) the changes in 3.0

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Version 3.0
- Support multiple-nick sessions: a user can join an IRC channel behind
one single nick, using multiple different clients, at the same time (as
long as each client is using the same bare JID).
- Database support for persistant per-user per-server configuration. Add
`LiteSQL <>` as an optional
- Add ad-hoc commands that lets each user configure various things
- Support an after-connect command that will be sent to the server
just after the user gets connected to it.
- Support the sending of a PASS command.
- Lets the users configure their username and realname, if the
realname_customization is set to true.
- The remote TLS certificates are checked against the system’s trusted
CAs, unless the user used the configuration option that ignores these
- Lets the user set a sha-1 hash to identify a server certificate that
should always be trusted.
- Add an outgoing_bind option.
- Add an ad-hoc command to forcefully disconnect a user from one or
more servers.
- Let the user configure the incoming encoding of an IRC server (the
default behaviour remains unchanged: check if it’s valid utf-8 and if
not, decode as latin-1).
- Support `multi-prefix <>`.
- And of course, many bufixes.
- Run unit tests and a test suite, build the RPM and check many things
automatically using gitlab-ci.
Version 2.0 - 2015-05-29
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