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If we sent a message to a user, their notices are considered private messages

fix #2882
parent 0ee47f62
Version 2.0
- Support PING requests in all directions
- Support PING requests in all directions
- Improve the way we forward received NOTICEs by remembering to
which users we previously sent a private message. This improves the
user experience when talking to NickServ.
Version 1.1 2014-16-07
......@@ -243,7 +243,9 @@ void IrcClient::send_private_message(const std::string& username, const std::str
this->send_message(IrcMessage(std::string(type), {username, body.substr(pos, 400)}));
pos += 400;
// We always try to insert and we don't care if the username was already
// in the set.
void IrcClient::send_part_command(const std::string& chan_name, const std::string& status_message)
......@@ -292,9 +294,30 @@ void IrcClient::on_notice(const IrcMessage& message)
const std::string body = message.arguments[1];
if (!to.empty() && this->chantypes.find(to[0]) == this->chantypes.end())
// The notice is for the us precisely.
// Find out if we already sent a private message to this user. If yes
// we treat that message as a private message coming from
// it. Otherwise we treat it as a notice coming from the server.
IrcUser user(from);
std::string nick = utils::tolower(user.nick);
log_debug("received notice from nick: " << nick);
if (this->nicks_to_treat_as_private.find(nick) !=
{ // We previously sent a message to that nick)
// this->bridge->send_message(iid, nick, body, muc);
this->bridge->send_message({nick + "!" + this->hostname}, nick, body,
this->bridge->send_xmpp_message(this->hostname, from, body);
// The notice was directed at a channel we are in. Modify the message
// to indicate that it is a notice, and make it a MUC message coming
// from the MUC JID
IrcMessage modified_message(std::move(from), "PRIVMSG", {to, "\u000303[notice]\u0003 "s + body});
......@@ -289,6 +289,10 @@ private:
* connection succeeds on that port.
std::stack<std::pair<std::string, bool>> ports_to_try;
* A set of (lowercase) nicknames to which we sent a private message.
std::set<std::string> nicks_to_treat_as_private;
IrcClient(const IrcClient&) = delete;
IrcClient(IrcClient&&) = delete;
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