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Document the shutdown procedure

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......@@ -73,6 +73,14 @@ the same IRC connection is used. If, however, an other user wants to join
an IRC channel on that same IRC server, biboumi opens a new connection to
that server. Biboumi connects once to each IRC server, for each user on it.
To cleanly shutdown the component, send the SIGINT or SIGTERM signals to it.
It will send messages to all connected IRC and XMPP servers to indicate a
reason why the users are being disconnected. Biboumi exits when all
connections are closed because the remote aknowledged the end of
communication. If the remote server does not respond, biboumi does not
exit, unless SIGINT or SIGTERM is received again, in which case biboumi
closes the TCP connections and exits immediately.
### Addressing
IRC entities are represented by XMPP JIDs. The domain part of the JID is
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