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Add missing files (for adhoc command support)

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#include <xmpp/adhoc_session.hpp>
#include <xmpp/adhoc_command.hpp>
#include <assert.h>
AdhocSession::AdhocSession(const AdhocCommand& command, const std::string& jid):
const AdhocStep& AdhocSession::get_next_step()
assert(this->current_step < this->command.callbacks.size());
return this->command.callbacks[this->current_step++];
size_t AdhocSession::remaining_steps() const
return this->command.callbacks.size() - this->current_step;
bool AdhocSession::is_terminated() const
return this->terminated;
void AdhocSession::terminate()
this->terminated = true;
#include <xmpp/xmpp_stanza.hpp>
#include <functional>
#include <string>
class AdhocCommand;
class AdhocSession;
* A function executed as an ad-hoc command step. It takes a <command/>
* XmlNode and modifies it accordingly (inserting for example an <error/>
* node, or a data form…).
* TODO fix this:
* It also must call one of step_passed(), cancel() etc on the AdhocSession object.
typedef std::function<void(AdhocSession&, XmlNode&)> AdhocStep;
class AdhocSession
explicit AdhocSession(const AdhocCommand& command, const std::string& jid);
* Return the function to be executed, found in our AdhocCommand, for the
* current_step. And increment the current_step.
const AdhocStep& get_next_step();
* Return the number of remaining steps.
size_t remaining_steps() const;
* This may be modified by an AdhocStep, to indicate that this session
* should no longer exist, because we encountered an error, and we can't
* execute any more step of it.
void terminate();
bool is_terminated() const;
* A reference of the command concerned by this session. Used for example
* to get the next step of that command, things like that.
const AdhocCommand& command;
* The full JID of the XMPP user that created this session by executing
* the first step of a command. Only that JID must be allowed to access
* this session.
const std::string& owner_jid;
* The current step we are at. It starts at zero. It is used to index the
* associated AdhocCommand::callbacks vector.
size_t current_step;
bool terminated;
AdhocSession(const AdhocSession&) = delete;
AdhocSession(AdhocSession&&) = delete;
AdhocSession& operator=(const AdhocSession&) = delete;
AdhocSession& operator=(AdhocSession&&) = delete;
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