Commit 7d2a2dc8 authored by louiz’'s avatar louiz’

Forward ping requests from IRC to XMPP, to one single resource

parent b2e7edee
......@@ -746,7 +746,10 @@ void Bridge::send_xmpp_ping_request(const std::string& nick, const std::string&
// Use revstr because the forwarded ping to target XMPP user must not be
// the same that the request iq, but we also need to get it back easily
// (revstr again)
this->xmpp.send_ping_request(nick + "!" + utils::empty_if_fixed_server(hostname), this->user_jid, utils::revstr(id));
// Forward to the first resource (arbitrary, based on the “order” of the std::set) only
const auto resources = this->resources_in_server[hostname];
if (resources.begin() != resources.end())
this->xmpp.send_ping_request(nick + "!" + utils::empty_if_fixed_server(hostname), this->user_jid + "/" + *resources.begin(), utils::revstr(id));
void Bridge::set_preferred_from_jid(const std::string& nick, const std::string& full_jid)
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