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Contributing to biboumi
Biboumi’s main workplace is at
The repository is also mirrored on other websites, for example on github, but
that’s mainly for the convenience of users.
Before doing anything, you can come on the `XMPP chatroom`_ to discuss your
changes, issues or ideas.
Bug reports, feature requests
To open a bug report, or a feature request, please do so on
`our gitlab’s bug tracker`_.
If the issue you’re reporting may have security implications, please select
the “confidential” flag in your bug report.
To contribute code, you can do so using git: commit your changes on any
publicly available git repository and communicate us its address. This
can be done with a `gitlab merge request`_, or a `github pull request`_
or just by sending a message into the `XMPP chatroom`_.
Coding style
Please try to follow the existing style:
- Use only spaces, not tabs.
- Curly brackets are on their own lines.
- Use this-> everywhere it’s possible.
- Don’t start class attributes with “m_” or similar.
- Type names are in PascalCase.
- Everything else is in snake_case.
.. _our gitlab’s bug tracker:
.. _gitlab merge request:
.. _github pull request:
.. _XMPP chatroom:
......@@ -52,13 +52,7 @@ Contact/Support
* XMPP ChatRoom:
* Report a bug:
To contribute, the preferred way is to commit your changes on some
publicly-available git repository (a fork on gitlab or github or on your own
repository) and to notify the developers with a ticket on the bug tracker,
or a merge request on gitlab or a pull request on github.
Optionally you can come discuss your changes on the XMPP chat room,
Also, see the `contributing`_ page.
......@@ -71,3 +65,4 @@ Please read the COPYING file for details.
.. _the documentation: doc/biboumi.1.rst
.. _contributing: CONTRIBUTING.rst
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