Commit 61ecaab4 authored by louiz’'s avatar louiz’

Re-add support for /me messages from IRC

It was recently removed because it was handled in the old "convert irc
colors" code. It now is in the right place.
parent 3c5cdec1
......@@ -219,7 +219,14 @@ void IrcClient::on_channel_message(const IrcMessage& message)
iid.chan = nick;
muc = false;
this->bridge->send_message(iid, nick, body, muc);
if (!body.empty() && body[0] == '\01')
if (body.substr(1, 6) == "ACTION")
this->bridge->send_message(iid, nick,
std::string("/me") + body.substr(7, body.size() - 8), muc);
this->bridge->send_message(iid, nick, body, muc);
void IrcClient::empty_motd(const IrcMessage& message)
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