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    Add support for a fixed_irc_server configuration · 2df0ebf2
    louiz’ authored
    This option lets the administrator choose a specific IRC server, and only
    that server can be used with this biboumi instance.
    In this mode, JIDs to use are changed like this:
    - #chan%irc.example.com@biboumi.example.com      -> #chan@biboumi.example.com
    - user!irc.example.com@biboumi.example.com       -> user!@biboumi.example.com
    - #chan%irc.example.com@biboumi.example.com/Nick -> #chan@biboumi.example.com/Nick
    - %irc.example.com@biboumi.example.com           -> no equivalent
    - irc.example.com@biboumi.example.com            -> no equivalent
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