Commit eff96c87 authored by louiz’'s avatar louiz’

Remove the acquisition class

It is replaced by the attack range. And if we later decide to implement an
acquisition-like feature, it should be in the Vision component
parent 19c5b6bf
#include <world/acquisition.hpp>
Acquisition::Acquisition(const Acquisition::type range):
Acquisition::type Acquisition::get_range() const
return this->range;
#include <world/components.hpp>
#include <fixmath/fix16.hpp>
* The ability for an entity to “notice” other entities
class Acquisition: public Component
static const ComponentType component_type = ComponentType::Acquisition;
using type = Fix16;
Acquisition(const type range);
~Acquisition() = default;
type get_range() const;
type range;
Acquisition(const Acquisition&) = delete;
Acquisition(Acquisition&&) = delete;
Acquisition& operator=(const Acquisition&) = delete;
Acquisition& operator=(Acquisition&&) = delete;
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