Commit 4e3e4682 authored by Jonas Schäfer's avatar Jonas Schäfer

fixup! Send a type="normal" notification on highlight when not joined

parent fb6e71fd
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......@@ -1318,7 +1318,7 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
# Message should only be received by user 2, but user 1 gets an out-of-band notification
partial(expect_unordered, [
("/message[@type='normal'][@to='{jid_one}'][@from='{biboumi_host}'][body[starts-with(text(), 'You were mentioned by {nick_two} in #foo%{irc_server_one}:')][contains(text(), '> Hey {nick_one}!')]][html/body/p/a[@href='xmpp:#foo%{irc_server_one}?join']][html/body/blockquote[text()='Hey {nick_one}!']]",)
("/message[@type='normal'][@to='{jid_one}'][@from='{biboumi_host}'][body[starts-with(text(), 'You were mentioned by {nick_two} in #foo%{irc_server_one}:')]",)
# Second user leaves the channel
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