Commit bac1e9b4 authored by mathieui's avatar mathieui

Merge branch 'muc-presence' into 'master'

xep_0045: don't create empty item

See merge request poezio/slixmpp!51
parents 9ace0539 b62f0e90
......@@ -29,61 +29,61 @@ class MUCPresence(ElementBase):
affiliations = {'', }
roles = {'', }
def get_xml_item(self):
def get_item_attr(self, attr, default):
item = self.xml.find('{}item')
if item is None:
return default
return item.get(attr)
def set_item_attr(self, attr, value):
item = self.xml.find('{}item')
if item is None:
item = ET.Element('{}item')
item.attrib[attr] = value
return item
def del_item_attr(self, attr):
item = self.xml.find('{}item')
if item is not None and attr in item.attrib:
del item.attrib[attr]
def get_affiliation(self):
#TODO if no affilation, set it to the default and return default
item = self.get_xml_item()
return item.get('affiliation', '')
return self.get_item_attr('affiliation', '')
def set_affiliation(self, value):
item = self.get_xml_item()
#TODO check for valid affiliation
item.attrib['affiliation'] = value
self.set_item_attr('affiliation', value)
return self
def del_affiliation(self):
item = self.get_xml_item()
#TODO set default affiliation
if 'affiliation' in item.attrib: del item.attrib['affiliation']
# TODO: set default affiliation
return self
def get_jid(self):
item = self.get_xml_item()
return JID(item.get('jid', ''))
return JID(self.get_item_attr('jid', ''))
def set_jid(self, value):
item = self.get_xml_item()
if not isinstance(value, str):
value = str(value)
item.attrib['jid'] = value
self.set_item_attr('jid', value)
return self
def del_jid(self):
item = self.get_xml_item()
if 'jid' in item.attrib: del item.attrib['jid']
return self
def get_role(self):
item = self.get_xml_item()
#TODO get default role, set default role if none
return item.get('role', '')
return self.get_item_attr('role', '')
def set_role(self, value):
item = self.get_xml_item()
#TODO check for valid role
item.attrib['role'] = value
# TODO: check for valid role
self.set_item_attr('role', value)
return self
def del_role(self):
item = self.get_xml_item()
#TODO set default role
if 'role' in item.attrib: del item.attrib['role']
# TODO: set default role
return self
def get_nick(self):
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