Unverified Commit 2add94f5 authored by jheling's avatar jheling Committed by mathieui

Fix TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not an iterator

When deleting sub-elements in a stanza.
parent 98108d04
......@@ -1031,14 +1031,19 @@ class ElementBase(object):
if not lang:
lang = default_lang
parent = self.xml
for level, _ in enumerate(path):
# Generate the paths to the target elements and their parent.
element_path = "/".join(path[:len(path) - level])
parent_path = "/".join(path[:len(path) - level - 1])
elements = self.xml.findall(element_path)
parent = self.xml.find(parent_path)
if parent_path == '':
parent_path = None
if parent_path is not None:
parent = self.xml.find(parent_path)
if elements:
if parent is None:
parent = self.xml
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